The benefits of hiring me as your Facebook Virtual Assistant

I could tell you all about what I can do, how I do it, even the why behind it all.

But, you don't want to know that.

What you want to know is how hiring ME benefits YOU... am I right?

Of course I'm right, that's why you're still reading.

I. Save. You. Money.


Getting me in to help set up your Facebook Business Page gets you on your feet and in business quicker than struggling through it by yourself, especially if setting up a business page is new territory for you.

I save you time, and time is money.

Use that time for what only YOU can do for your business.

I offer training in how to efficiently and effectively post on your page, so your followers hear your voice when you impart your knowledge and business expertise in your writing, without it costing you hours and frustrating you along the way. Knowing how to do this means that if you DO decide to outsource this, you'll know the value of what you are paying your assistant for.


Knowing enough is sometimes enough.

I can supply you with on-brand imagery for your banner, page profile picture, and a batch of graphics you can use in the run up to your launch, re-launch, or to promote a special offer. This is beneficial to you because familiarity with your brand colours and style will help inspire trust in your brand and encourage custom from your followers.

Get them to KNOW you. Get them to LIKE you. Get them to TRUST you. The rest will follow.

My rates vary depending on the complexity and duration of the service.
Basic admin and image editing starts at £27 per hour.
More involved graphic design starts at £35 per hour.
All Clients will be asked to sign a Service Agreement prior to the start of any work being done: this is to protect both of us!
Thanks for your understanding.
Three brand-new packages that will free up your time and improve how you manage your Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Start-up Package

Taking the hassle out of managing your social media.

No logo? No problem.

Need help? I got you.

Not sure when, or what to post? You will be.

A comprehensive service to help you hit the ground running and get you started with Facebook for your business.

Marketing Graphics Package

The visual impact your business page needs: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

On-brand graphics you can use anywhere.

Your logo, your fonts, your colours.

Different images, but all identifiably YOURS.

A professional graphic design service to help you create brand awareness and attract your potential customer's attention.

Facebook Analyst Insight

Removing the mystery around your Facebook Page data.

What's working well - is there a trend?

Who is online & when? Best times to post.

Are you making rookie errors that are harming your chances of converting reach into action?

A no-nonsense, no BS service to help you make sense of the data Facebook gathers on your posts, with the professional insight to help you improve how your posts perform.

My clients love what I do for them and appreciate my efficiency, effectiveness, and work ethic:

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